A short excerpt from my future Short Story


Running down the hallway, faster than ever. I didn’t look back once. Panting heavily, fists clasped, eyes wide open, I burst through door after door. Clasping onto my knees bent down I took a deep breath. All this running through the facility was like running through a maze. Each lab lead to another lab which lead to another lab in a different hall with a dozen more labs in that hall. Each door I choose another door awaited me. What can I even do, I thought, the creepy guy in a weird mask chasing me. In his right hand, wrapped around his tight fist was a machete, and around the tip was a tinge of dry blood. Crusting around the tip; the dry blood gave a dim reddish shine. Catching a few deep breaths, a blurred vision caught my peripheral vision. As I roll my eyes towards my left, I saw the man walking slowly, taking his time, as if trying to see his prey panic to quench on my fear. Sweat trickling down my forehead; I wipe it with my sleeve, get up, push a door open and start running through the hallway. Taking slow strides, I look towards my left, then my right. OOF.  Getting slipped from the recently swept floor; I collapse onto the ground. As I turn my body and face upwards, the same man chasing me stands above, gently motioning the machete towards me. He takes a step back and then… I wake up. Thank goodness it was just a dream. It looked so real, I rubbed fingers onto my eyes with a soft motion, and with a squint, I let go. As my eyes settled onto the room; everything came back to me. IT WAS THIS ROOM THAT I HAD RUN AWAY FROM IN MY DREAM. Just then I hear a door creaking and gentle footsteps approaching towards me. Getting my stance ready, I took a dash towards the door… Screaming.


A Brief Explanation
I couldn’t really think of anything for my free choice, so I looked through my journal and found this short story that I completed in class last week. As far as I can recall, I had in mind to write a short story about this person, who gets abducted to serve as a purpose for a few experiments. As the person is lying on a gurney, in a surgical room, she gets a vision of the future. As she gets horrified and wakes up, the noise alerts the abductor; setting a wild chase.